/ ‘ keŋ(t)ʊər, / (.n)
[wardrobe; Iraqi-Arabic]

Kentore is an urban workwear label and social enterprise. We design for the woman who is both stylish and conscious that her consumption says something important about who she is.

The Department of Work // Our Spring ’19 collection comprises fourteen tailor-made workwear pieces, each of which incorporates structured cuts, modest detailing and premium non-sheer fabrics. Each piece is carefully considered and responsibly made. In defiance of fast-fashion and over-consumption, we produce only three collections a year, in quantities based on direct demand from our customers.

The Department of Giving // We’re inspired by the strong women we design for, but our biggest inspiration are the women we help provide for. The Department of Giving is Kentore’s economic empowerment initiative to support long-term unemployed women enter, and excel, in the world of work. For every item purchased from our workwear collection, we donate a brand new item to Dress for Success; a global non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of women from disadvantaged communities. By doing this, we ensure that every single purchase on our site has a direct impact on bettering the life of another woman.

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